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A small fee to ensure Safe and Accurate Income-tax Filing. We do not sell your data like others free portal.

GROSS TOTAL INCOMEIncome From Salary / Other SourcesIncome/ Loss from Capital Gains / CryptoForeign Assets / IncomeIncome from Business/ Profession
< 6 Lakh8002505001000
Between 6 to 12 Lakh12005008001800
Between 12 to 25 Lakh150080010002500
Between 25 to 60 Lakh2000100012003000
More than 60 Lakh2500150015005000
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Expert Filing

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Includes: Expert Filing. Use of Knowledge Centre, Basic help , Tax Support, Computation, Expert Review (e.g. Form16 import issue, OTP errors, Lost password, etc.)

Note: All prices are in INR and exclusive of taxes

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